Our skills academy training sessions are designed to improve each athlete’s fundamental and technical skill level. Skills Academy sessions focus on all of the key elements of the game including; ball-handling, shooting technique, footwork, spacing concepts, athletic mindset and approach to sport, and more! Each skills session is 60 minutes in length, and will also include competitive play, games, and scrimmages. Training sessions are all coed so we invite everyone to come out and improve their game!

Our VSC Skills Academy is lauded for creating an environment that cultivates positive relationships, enhances player development and ignites a love for basketball. Much of this stems from our lead instructor and clinician, Jonathan Thompson. Coach JT brings high energy, great attention to detail and a progressive teaching model that meets our young athletes where they are in their development.

Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Coach JT learned the game through countless hours of practice and competitive play on the blacktop courts in his neighborhood. Through his steadfast commitment and dedication, Coach JT garnered important life lessons that continue to serve him well today, fueling his desire to coach and mentor youth in our community.

His playing experience has brought him here to Canada, where he obtained his business degree and played for Providence University College for 4 years. Coach JT has played overseas in China, competing against a multitude of professional and semi-professional teams from Russia, Lithuania, Spain and the United States.

As a dedicated husband and father of 3 beautiful children, Coach JT lives in Burnaby and we feel fortunate to have him as a role model and a person of character in our program.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Grade 1-4 CoedSaturdays: April 10 - June 192:00-3:00pmVSC Clubhouse
3020 Spring Street
Port Moody
Grade 5-6 CoedSaturdays: April 10 - June 193:00-4:00pm VSC Clubhouse
3020 Spring Street
Port Moody
Grade 3-6 CoedMondays: April 12-June 21

*No sessions May 24, 2021
7:00-8:00pmLEC West Gym
7888 200 St
Grade 7-10 CoedMondays: April 12-June 21

*No sessions May 24, 2021
8:30-9:30pmLEC West Gym
7888 200 St

Program Duration:
Skills Academy will run from April 10 – June 21, 2021. Please see the 2021 Spring Schedule for individual dates.
Package Information:

  • Gold Membership Package: Gold Membership Package: This package will allow each member to attend our Skills Academy for two training sessions each week over the semester.
  • Silver Membership Package: Silver Membership Package: This package will allow each member to attend our Skills Academy for one training session each week over the semester.
  • Each participant will receive a VSC jersey or t-shirt as part of the program.



Vancouver Sports Club will be offering competitive basketball through our 2021 Spring/Summer Elite and Select teams. Players will be exposed to high level coaching, mentorship, competitive play, and the opportunity to experience the many benefits that accrue from being a part of a cohesive team. The overriding objectives of our Club Program is to build a strong foundational skills base of our players, develop their competitive will, and instill a love of the game that translates into lifelong participants in basketball.


The VSC 2021 Spring / Summer Tryouts will be run by our VSC coaching staff along with other guest coaches. Tryouts will include skills evaluation, drills and competitive play. Skill competencies, work ethic, and team attitude (coachability) are important factors that coaches will consider in making their team selections. Athletes will be assessed through a series of drills and competitions that fall in line with the COVID-19 return to play guidelines set by VIA Sport.

All athletes are expected to tryout at their correct grade level. If it is determined by our coaches that a player should be moved up a grade, we will discuss this with the player and his/her family prior to making the decision to do so.

We would like to ask that all tryout participants, including recent team members register online as soon as possible. This will help us confirm whether or not we will need to divide the tryout roster into 2 separate playing cohorts.

The tryout cost is $35.00 for each player. Due to COVID-19, we will not be accepting any drop-in participants who have not registered online.


VSC takes pride in having quality and well experienced coaches leading our teams. Unequivocally, what you will see with each of our teams, are coaches who truly care about their charges and who are highly passionate about mentoring and working with kids. Our coaches are all technically well affirmed in the game and come with a tremendous amount of playing and basketball coaching experience.


March 12/13 7:30PM/11:30AMU15 BoysLangley Events Centre / VSC Clubhouse
March 13/14 9:30AM/10:30AMU14 BoysVSC Clubhouse
March 27/28 3:00PM/10:30AMU10-11 BoysVSC Clubhouse



With a primary focus on FUNdamentals, the 3-on-3 League aims to provide our members with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and concepts that they are introduced to during the weekly Skills Academy. We believe the 3-on-3 environment has several developmental aspects that are of benefit to our young players:

Players touch the ball more often: In the 5-on-5 game, players can go almost the whole game without touching the ball. In 3 on 3, you could touch the ball EVERY possession. When the player gets more experience handling the ball during game situations, the player is going to improve much more than the players who hardly touch the ball in 5-on-5. It doesn’t matter if you are the point guard or the star post player, you’re still going to get more touches in 3 on 3.

More room to operate: A lot of younger players, especially under the age of 12 don’t have the skill, strength, or experience to utilize their basketball skills with 10 players on the court. 3 on 3 gives them more room to operate and practice their skills.

Players learn the game: When there are only six (3 on 3) players on the court, players are more inclined to run the pick-and-roll, screen away, and screen the ball without a coach even telling them to do so, because there are fewer options out there. After a while, they will start to figure things out for themselves which is FANTASTIC and exactly what you want the players to do. Now, with fewer players on the court, it gives them a split second longer to recognize a situation.



The VSC 2021 Spring Break Camp will provide high level coaching focusing on skill development in targeted areas of the game. Participants will leave the camp experience with a deeper understanding of their areas of strength, weaknesses and what they need to do to continue their basketball development. In meeting participants where they are in their skill development, our coaches use a progressive teaching model that builds on foundational skills prior to moving onto the next level drill. These camps are well timed to prepare athletes for upcoming tryouts for the 2021 Spring/Summer season. Please note that each session is limited to 10 players, so do not delay your registration. The Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines will be strictly adhered to during each session.

Mar 15 – Mar 179:00 AM - 11:30 AMGrades 2-4 (Coed)Ball Handling / Finishing / FootworkVSC ClubhouseFull
Mar 15 – Mar 1712:00 PM - 2:30 PMGrades 5-7 BoysBall Handling / Finishing / FootworkVSC ClubhouseRegister Here
Mar 15 – Mar 173:00 PM - 5:30 PMGrades 10-11 BoysBall Handling / Finishing / Concept PlayVSC ClubhouseFull
Mar 18 – Mar 2010:00 AM - 12:30 PMGrades 5-7 BoysFinishing / Shooting / Concept PlayVSC ClubhouseFull
Mar 18 – Mar 201:00 PM - 3:30 PMGrades 8-10 BoysBall Handling / Finishing / Concept PlayVSC ClubhouseFull
Mar 22 – Mar 249:00 AM - 11:30 AMGrades 5-7 BoysShooting / Ballhanding / Attacking & FinishingVSC ClubhouseRegister Here
Mar 22 – Mar 2412:00 PM - 2:30 PMGrades 8-9 BoysShooting / Passing / Attacking & FinishingVSC ClubhouseFull
Mar 22 – Mar 243:00 PM - 5:30 PMGrades 6-8 GirlsBall Handling / Finishing / Concept PlayVSC ClubhouseRegister Here
Mar 22 – Mar 245:30 PM - 8:00 PMGrades 6-8 GirlsBall Handling / Finishing / Concept PlayVSC ClubhouseFull

Private Training

Coach Clay is currently the founder of High Definition Basketball Training, VSC Camp Clinician and the Head Assistant Coach for the VSC U15 Elite Boys team. Coach Clay brings a high of level playing experience (Provincial High School All Star, College and Professional Basketball) to our program and has an innate love for the game, particularly in motivating, teaching and developing skills in players at all levels. When the player is ready, Coach Clay will appear…

Location and Facility

All training sessions will take place at our VSC Clubhouse located at 3020 Spring Street.

Individual Training Cost

  • 1 hour Individual sessions = $50
  • 1 hour Individual sessions x 5 = $250.00
  • 1 hour Individual Sessions x 10 = $450.00
  • 1.5 hour Individual Sessions x 4 = $300.00
Scheduling: Sessions may be scheduled for 60 minute or 90 minute blocks.  The training sessions can be customized according to the developmental stage and needs of the trainee.

Available Training Times

MONDAYS8:00am-6:00pmVSC HD Training
TUESDAYS8:00am-3:00pmVSC HD Training
WEDNESDAYS8:00am-1:30pmVSC HD Training
THURSDAYS8:00am-1:30pmVSC HD Training
 6:00pm-7:30pmVSC HD Training
FRIDAYS8:00am-2:30pmVSC HD Training
SATURDAYS8:30pm-10:30pmVSC HD Training
SUNDAYS8:00am-12:30pmVSC HD Training
3:00pm-5:30pmVSC HD Training

Group Skills Training

Registration Information: Players interested in Group Training are expected to declare a Group Captain who will contact our VSC Tech Team to obtain a Group ID for registration purposes. Each member of the group will then enter the registration portal using the group ID to register. Following registration, the Group Captain will be contacted (within 48 hours) to schedule the group sessions.
Training Location: All training sessions will take place at the VSC Clubhouse located at 3020 Spring Street, Port Moody.
Scheduling: Each session is scheduled for one hour and fifteen minutes and will be customized according to the developmental stages of the individuals in the group and their desired areas of development.

**After you complete your registration, your Group Captain will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your group sessions.

Cancellation Policy: It is expected that communication of all cancellations take place at a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of a session to avoid a forfeit of payment and make-up sessions.

COVID Policies/Procedures

  • Masks must be worn entering and leaving the facility. The only time masks are not required is during the training session.
  • Physical distancing will be maintained in accordance with VIA Sport guidelines.
  • Regular sanitizing breaks.
  • No spectators permitted within the Clubhouse training facility.
  • You must bring your own ball
Personal and Group Training

VSC Refund Policy for All Programs

A full program refund, less a $50 administration charge per registered athlete, will be issued up to 10 days PRIOR to the start date of the program. After the program start date, a 50% refund, less a $50 administrative charge per registered athlete, will be issued up to 14 days after the program start. Following the 14 days, no refunds will be issued.